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Lead Pedal Radio

Radio for People Behind the Wheel

Lead Pedal Radio is an internet radio station and you can listen on the Lead Pedal App for Apple Products or the Lead Pedal Radio App for Android users. The radio station is the sister station to The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers. The Lead Pedal Podcast has been offering information for the trucking industry for many years and is continuing to build on the brand with the addition of Lead Pedal Radio. The best way to learn more about Lead Pedal Radio is to just listen to the great shows we have available. Lead Pedal Radio combines our love of trucking, classic cars, racing, and even motorcycles with our love of music and offers a place for those that enjoy those industries to come together. The station plays music about and for the people on the road including a mix of country, classic rock, reggae, and much more. Listen to radio shows for those on the road while we showcase amazing music from all genres allowing for interesting and entertaining programs with a driving theme.

Frequencies FM

  • Burlington : Online



Telephone: 289-278-7936