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Bluegrass Planet Radio

The Heart & Soul of Music. All the Time.

re bringing you some of the best Bluegrass music we've found on the PLANET! Our mission is simple...keep Bluegrass music alive! We’re all about playing the music. We focus on the hard-driving, contemporary, progressive side of Bluegrass but have mad respect for the foundations and the forefathers of Bluegrass because without it Bluegrass would not exist! We consider our station to be a platform that helps spread the word about all the great people, music, and organizations out there that as a collective are working hard to ensure Bluegrass music never dies!

Programs and Announcers

John & Heidi, Cindy Scott, Terry Dean, Bluegrass Connection - Lanny Carbaugh, Bluegrass On the Bay - Jay Armsworthy, Woodsongs - Michael Johnathon, Knee Deep in Bluegrass - Cindy Baucom, Bluegrass Borderline - Michelle Lee, Southern Songs & Stories - Joe Kendrick, Gospel Radio Favorites - Brian Crowe, Sunday Morning Coming Down - The Crowman, The Bluegrass Gospel Hour - John Sentell, Flashpoint Bluegrass - Jeff Miller, Jerry Eicher - Ol Hippie Bluegrass Show, Hot Bluegrass - Richard Dales Coupland, Sing Out Radio Magazine - Tom Druckenmiller, Sutton Ole Time Music - Chris Nealey, The Rick Dollar Show - Rick Dollar, The Breeze - Richard Dales Coupland, 90s Country Flashback - Nile "Big Daddy" Peaytt, Bluegrass Borderline Countdown - Michelle Lee, Sutton Ole Time Music Hour - Chris Nealey, The Bluegrass Gospel Connection - Lanny Carbaugh, Country Legends Jukebox - jay Dean, Radio Rehab - Dana Williams, Into the Blue - Terry Herd, Out of the Woods - Chip Colcord, Back Porch Bluegrass - Paul Trenwith, KTODD Classic Country - Todd Chambless, Down to the Roots - Jeff DeFord, Music for the Mountain - Chip Colcord, Unreal Bluegrass - Steve Martin, Knee Deep in Bluegrass Gospel - Cindy Baucom

Frequencies FM

  • Toronto : Online



Email: bluegrassplanetradio@gmail.con